Climbing Mt Cardigan in New Hampshire, 20 Oct 2017.

This was a solo trip, as the timing didn't suit any of my hiking friends. I went up the Duke's Ski Trail in order to avoid encounters with other hikers, but came back down the regular trail, assuming that late in the day, nobody would be coming up. This proved to be a successful plan.

The pictures are thumbnails.
This is the wreck of an old car, installed here to drive a rope tow for skiing. The apparatus for the tow was still in place, but it didn't seem to be getting any use lately. Maybe it's considered too dangerous these days. Typical view on the “Duke's Ski Trail” Change of environment: out of the woods and onto an open rock face.
First view from the mountaintop! The most distant peak I could identify was Mt Mansfield in Vermont, at 75 miles. (Not visible here.) The fire tower on Cardigan, as seen from Firescrew, a secondary peak. There has to be a picture like this! But although it was a warm day, there was a strong wind which caused a speedy chill, if one was naturally dressed.
A colorful view during the descent. A final view, with an arrow pointing to Mt Washington, 55 miles away.