Pilgrim Naturists trip to Martha's Vineyard

The trip to Martha's Vineyard is long, and involves various transport modes. First you have to get to Woods Hole, on Cape Cod. Then you can be like these people boarding the ferry.

This is the Nantucket boat, but tthe one for the Vineyard is similar.

Churning up the water as the boat leaves.

When you get to the other side, you get a Vineyard Transit Authority bus. Usually you need to change halfway, but the buses are timed to connect well.

You have to walk down a path to the beach.

Then because there's no route down the cliff, you have to walk back along the beach to the nude area.

Just in case anyone else showed up, Steve put out a little sign saying "Pilgrim".

These are the famous clay cliffs of Gay Head.

There are signs telling you not to damage the cliffs or put clay on your body, but some people do.

Our group just admired the cliffs. Notice how you can blend in there, depending on your skin tone.

Playing in the surf is another activity.

Waves and cliffs and beach.

And then it's time for bus and boat, and home.