ANANEC trip to Warren, Vermont: July 2018

The pictures are thumbnails.

Monday was our first day, and it didn't seem to offer very good weather, but we made a visit to Warren Falls anyway. Within minutes, a crowd appeared. We didn't stay long. Warren Falls did look tempting for nudity, but it was not to be. Anyway, as we were leaving, the rain began. As a rainy day activity, the Ben & Jerry's factory seemed the best plan. Of course, many other vacationers thought the same, so we had to wait to get in.
Waiting for our ticketed time, with floral patterns on display, and a bovine one too. If you wanted to buy ice cream, you had to line up in the rain. No, the broccoli ice cream was just a joke.
So is this array of spilled dishes. Afterwards, we went looking for Bolton Potholes, or something. We got to the Winooski River and there was swimming, but some preferred the rain.
Back at the house, the rain ended and we could admire the view. The Last Resort is a ski house, with dramatic architecture. Tuesday, making lunch.
Then, off to Camel's Hump! Dan was happy to aid two ladies in distress. (The subject being navigation.)
After lunch, we started down the mountain, initially over a sloping rock face.
Then the footing became a little more challenging. Milt wasn't naking at this exact moment.
A navigational consultation (no distress here).
At the house, time to relax with libations to sip.
Rest for everyone. And an ice treatment for Milton's sore ankle.
Kathy joined us that evening. A healthy dinner with cauliflower.
Overnight, a bear raided the trash. And the morning brought more rain, but construction took place to defeat the bear. This was a day of gender separation, with the male section touring swimming holes.
We were looking for Bartlett Falls, on the New Haven River. At first we went to the wrong place, though it was pleasant enough. Come on Milt, you know you want to! That's it!
Yes, it's a public road, but this is Vermont. We almost missed Bartlett Falls, but this is it. There's a nice pool downstream from the falls.
By the time this swim occurred, it was definitely raining. There were more falls further downstream, but nothing that encouraged swimming.
We had lunch in the car, then some of us marched out in search of Dog Team Falls. Success crowned our efforts, though swimming in the rain is not the best.
Next, we attempted to find Valley Falls, but we weren't sure if we found it or not. It wasn't a place for a swim, anyway.
On the way back, we made a stop at Bingo Brook, but we just looked around before leaving.
We wanted to see if the rain had raised the water level at Warren Falls. Maybe so, but it hadn't chased away the crowds. The sight of three skirtmen (four including the photographer) didn't make the crowd leave either. We finished up at skimming stones at the Punch Bowl.
Or maybe just standing and enjoying the place. The ladies' excursion wasn't so well documented, but they say they had a good day. By dinner time, the sun was shining.
A movie screen could be lowered as a sunshade.
Making lunch the next day. We planned to go to the Bolton Potholes, then split into a paddling group and a hiking group. So the boats came with us in the morning.
We walked up a road beside gardens. Then we turned off into the woods.
Here's the lower pothole�it's big! A good spot for naking.
Or bending down while someone else is naking. Or two people naking together! Did we do that right?
We dipped in the upper pool in various combinations of people.
At the Green River Reservoir, the paddling section launched and then lunched.
Then we headed up the lake.
We made four swim stops along the way up and back! There was some distant thunder, but it stayed far away.
Back at the house, caipirinhas were served before dinner.
Next morning, we made a couple of group pictures even though it wasn't our last day, because two of us were leaving that day.
Our final trip was up Burnt Rock Mountain, up a side trail to reach the Long Trail. It was a warm climb, and soaking one's hat in the stream was refreshing.
We were joined by Joe Gratton, a local naturist whom we'd contacted via Facebook. He wasn't totally accustomed to hiking up mountains, but he didn't complain. Speaking of Facebook�we took some pictures posed to be acceptable there.
And a group photo with the camera attached to a tree, not for Facebook. Then one with the camera on the rocks. Naking occurred!
Milt persuaded Joe to nake too. Back down through the woods. A last dip at the foot of the mountain, while textile hikers depart (not with anger and resentment).
And next morning, the distribution of leftover groceries, and the resumption of clothes. And that's it for the trip.